Kiasky With,At your service!

Kiasky is at your service with a long experience in the field of designing and implementing all kinds of roof and retractable roof projects! This company provides the best options for special people by providing special construction products, including types of movable roofs, guillotine windows, sliding windows, etc.


Experience is the first step to trust

With the experience of implementing numerous projects in recent years and having an experienced staff, Kiasky provides professional services to its customers.


The highest level of service

In addition to after-sales services, Kiasky has been distinguished from other competitors due to the provision of innovative services, including the implementation of special and large projects.


product warranty

In today's world, product warranty and after-sales service are of particular importance. Kia Sky company offers a real guarantee - even against broken glass - to its customers.


Face-to-face and virtual consultation

Kiasky has provided this possibility so that you can communicate with our consultants in person and on site or virtually before ordering.

سقف لوور
A ceiling as wide as the sky!

Today, elongated buildings and modern spatial planning do not allow access to open space for apartment dwellers. Kiasky’s professional team will provide you with a wide variety of products and long experience in the field of design and implementation.

Shuttered roof (louver), fabric movable roof, polycarbonate movable roof, glass movable roof, etc. are only part of the products offered by Kia Sky Company. Contact us for more information!

Four-season use of the entire environment100%
Easy to move and use100%
Access to the negative space of the building100%
with more than
Installation all over the country!

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مشاور کیااسکای Whatsapp chat
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